Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Cleansing - Helping Raise Funds for a Special Family's Adoption Journey

It's Spring, and cleansing has been a topic on my mind a great deal recently. Thinking of the healthy version for the body first, but it led me to thinking of Spring Cleaning as a cleansing of the home environment.

Bookstores have lots of shelf space and titles dedicated to decluttering your life. Feng Shui experts tell us that clutter has a significant (negative) effect on the way we experience life. Stuff that we don't absolutely love or need just gets in our way.

Stuff getting in our way is reminding me right now of a reality show I've seen a few times where people have this horrible disease of hoarding. Their lives are so effected that many of them can barely function. At the same time, they have such a difficult time even beginning to let go of any of it. Sometimes I believe any of us could get to that point if we don't make a conscientious point of regularly removing clutter from our surroundings.

So time to Spring Clean!!! Will you haul that "stuff" to the street for the garbage men or take it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army? Salvation Army, Goodwill, and other non-profits are a great choice if you need the tax deduction. (Remember to keep a real specific list. You'll need that for the I.R.S.)

At this point, however, I'm interjecting some additional food for thought here. Don't need that tax deduction, or are willing to forgo it, or you would rather not be bothered with having to keep up with all the lists.... Have you considered donating your unneeded - no longer loved by you stuff to a family hosting a yard sale to raise funds for their adoption?

There are often families right around you that are in this process. The Adoption journey can be a quite expensive one. Many families fundraise to help them meet the financial burden, and yard/garage sales are a common fundraiser. We all know it takes lots and lots of stuff to make that a real profitable venture. Your donations could mean so much.

There is a bit of a personal agenda in this post, too. Our son and d-i-l are adopting two precious Ethiopian children. The time is nearing to bring these children home, and considerable additional funds are still needed. A yard sale is being held in Bartlett, TN on May 22.

If you are in the Memphis, TN, area will you join me in this Spring Cleansing endeavor? Would you consider donating those items you no longer need or love to the yard sale to help bring these precious children home to their forever family? Please direct message me with your email address, and I'll be in touch. We'll even come get your "stuff."

You may read about Amy & David's adoption journey at their blog, Ethiopia's Calling.

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