Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Learn Reflexology Points on the Hand

Good Morning Blog Friends (and those who follow Footsteps In Eden Relfexology on facebook and twitter, too.)

Via a great reflexologist (and mentor to many of the rest of us reflexologists), Kevin Kunz, I have the opportunity to share this educational and fun interactive hand reflexology chart with you. Ever wonder where to press on your thumb or fingers or palm of your hand to make other parts of your body feel better? Have a look. Play with it. Play with your hands. :o). You may be surprised by the effects. Alternating pressue (inch worm style) from thumb or fingers works well.

Click on the "reflexology hand chart" widget to the right of this blog post to begin.

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Kevin Kunz said...

Thanks for the mention Lynn. Nice blog and site. You are terrific!!! Kevin Kunz