Thursday, December 6, 2007

Laughter the Best Medicine of All

Laughter is the best medicine. . . We've all heard that said so often. Just what is the medicine good for? Obviously, if you're laughing you are probably in a jovial mood and stress is being relieved a bit. I became curious today as to exactly what other great side effects there might be to this particular form of medicine. Google led me to a website full of facts on the effects of humor and links to humor as well. Here is there report in a nutshell.

A good hearty laugh can help:

* reduce stress
* lower blood pressure
* elevate mood
* boost immune system
* improve brain functioning
* protect the heart
* connect you to others
* foster instant relaxation
* make you feel good.
Lots more specifices are found at:

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susanna said...

laughter is THE BEST medicine!

hello, fellow ONE Group mama!