Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Treat Your Feet!!!

What kind of bird can write? (Give up? The answer is at the end of this post.)

These little tuxedo clad guys give me the giggles. I also wonder while even though they are fairly small creatures, how they get around on those little webbed peds. They're like a roly-poly get around on a couple of playing cards.

This leads to a serious question. . . How are you getting around? This time of the year we all seem to be rushing everywhere, shopping, cooking, decorating, partying . . . and at the end of the day the "dogs" are feeling quite abused. You may help them out with a gift of reflexology, of course! (You are smiling here, right?!)

Another discovery I made over the summer was the Earth Shoe. If you're old (like me) you'll remember these from say 30 years or so ago. . . rather clunky in appearan, but if you wore them you may recall how happy your feet were to live in such comfort. So, the shoes have been around a very long time, but they have also become very stylish. The combination is definitely a winning one!

Simple amazement at how great my feet felt, and later realization that a rather persistent pain in my shoulder blades had disappeared as well when I began wearing them, has been incentive enough to recommend them to many of my reflexology clients. They are available with a perk -- Free Shipping @!

Just in case you've read this far without guessing -- IT'S A PEN - GUIN

Riddle and cute little bird from kaboose

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