Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frazzled -- Just a Bit!!!

Continuously amazed at God's sense of humor. Last Sunday I was asked to help lead our women's Sunday Morning Bible Study. The topic: The Frazzled Female. As I prayed about and contemplated this all week things were going pretty smoothly. You're thinking, "Yeah right, you're about to get knocked on your keester just about the time you think it's going so well!"

Of course, that is correct. I found myself in near tears, and at the same time laughing out loud at how ridiculous my whole unraveled week looked in the bigger scheme of things. I did make the phone call to accept the invitation. I knew that all of the week's events were just "material" to share in class.

This illustration pretty much sums up how I felt yesterday (although I did get things in a bit clearer perspective eventually). Today was a better day. Looking forward to tomorrow! The ever present question still in my mind however: "Just how do we set priorities and boundaries that keep us on a more even keel in our perpetual motion world?" Perhaps that is food for thought for more blog entries. I'll meet you there!

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