Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reflexology -- Encouragement Toward Your Personal Hopes, Dreams and Goals in 2009

A new year with new hopes, new dreams, new goals. . . . Letting go of extra stress, taking better care of yourself, and renewed energy may well encourage you toward those hopes, dreams and goals whatever they may be. Consider these general, but incredible, benefits of reflexology and how they may provide some bigger than life solutions to improving your life in 2009.

Reduces Stress
Revitalizes Energy
Assists Functioning of Circulation
Assists Functioning of Nervous System
Assists the Cleansing of Toxins from the Body
Assists the Harmonizing of the Body's Systems Naturally
Preventative/Supportive Caring Touch

WOW! That's a lot of potential benefit! Appointments are available. Schedule your "experience" today!

Contact Information may be found at The Footsteps In Eden Website

Just a brief note here: Reflexology really is way more than a great foot rub! To learn more about Reflexology and Lynn Watson, Registerd Certified Reflexologist, please visit my website.

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