Tuesday, February 10, 2009

THEY ARE SEXY! They're also a Pain!

Ladies, they also make us emotionally feel on top of the world or at least a little closer to it. (That holds especially true if you're short like me.) Wait! For the tall slender types, they really lift you up there! They create the illusion of longer legs, we're convinced they are the ultimate in femininity. The pointy toe ones work wonders if you're seeking the long slim foot look. BUT physically, our feet scream all day and into the night -- especially if you must be in an upright position for hours on end with no chance to kick them off under your desk.

A few years ago, a young woman in her early 20's, an aquaintance of mine, loved her heels so much. She loved the way they looked and the empowering emotions they created in her mind and spirit. She wore them proudly every day. She had a whole wardrobe of these glorious spikes. She had done this since her teens. But now the pain she was enduring from the foot torture the heels inflicted had become excrutiating. This young lady faced the additional pain of foot surgery. She willingly submitted with the vision in mind that as soon as she healed she would once again daily don this glamourous footwear.

Somewhere I missed the logic in that young woman's choice. Of course, wearing these means you always have a weapon close at hand (or in this case, close at foot). In this author's humble opinion you also have a weapon on your foot -- a weapon of destruction of your own precious feet. I love to wear them to play "dress up," too. . . that is perhaps for an hour or two at a time with hopes that some of that time I'll be sitting down. For those who must wear them or choose to wear them regularly, please lovingly care for your feet.

I've been following a fellow reflexologist on twitter who has posted some great messages about the feet and health and the role of reflexology. She has just included a great message on this subject of "Love Those High Heels, Care for Those Tootsies." You are invited to read her thoughts at Ask Michelle.

Above photo by brittny teree smith from www.everystockphoto.com.
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juliette said...

hullo Lynn,
Just wanted to share after reading your entry that perhaps you could suggest to your friend to try using a foot massager. They really help improve the blood circulation especially a long day on killer stilettos :)

Consider it an investment on your feet as you've put it so aptly.

Lynn said...

Thanks Juliette, Foot rollers are great inventions for relieving pain and improving circulation much like the ancient reflexology paths, too. Great suggestion! There are some pretty fancy ones out there and some that are simply a section of a fat dowel.

Of course, my preference would be for regular visits to your reflexologist. They are great caregivers and their work offers great benefits for the feet and the whole body!