Friday, February 20, 2009

Birds & Books with Lessons to Share

Bright little winter birds
coming to feed,
One takes a crumb,
another a seed.
Each takes a portion,
according to need.

Good little winter birds,
teach us your creed!

from MORNING IS A LITTLE CHILD by Joan Walsh Anglund

So many reasons to share this little poem with you today...copyright in 1969, 40 years later it speaks volumes to the conditions we have created for ourselves and our world. Each of us focusing on our needs rather than our greedy and gluttonous appetites for every dazzling trinket we behold would conserve incredible resources for the generations to come.

My daughter-in-law has recently blogged about "Children's Books as Heirlooms." She photographed several of our treasured volumes. Thinking about our conversations surrounding that topic, I remembered this book, which was one of my daughter's very favorite. She had every beautiful verse memorized. I remember our discussions of this particular one and how God does meet our needs. When he gives us even so much more, what blessings we receive. We choose to have hearts of gratitude for both our needs and the gifts beyond, and learn to be much contented with our true needs met.

Spending time together with your child discovering truths, values, ideas, stories that will encourage and inspire them for a life time must be another element in a life of health and wellness for the body, mind, and spirit! Another reason this just seemed to fit so well into thoughts and ideas offered to you. You will find great ideas for sharing books with your children on Amy's blog.

My daughter turns 33 in less than two weeks. This is still a cherished book on our family bookshelf. I'm looking forward to her 2 precious little girls loving it, too! Perhaps this would be best kept as a post for her birthday, but I'm eager to share today.

The photograph above:
In the Wood | photo page - everystockphoto

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Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

Love this little quote. :) Something we could all stand to remember in these economic times (and always)! I haven't seen this book, have I?