Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crown of Flowers Buried in Winter Wonderland

Twist me a crown of wind-flowers;
That I may fly away
To hear the singers at their song,
And players at their play.

Put on your crown of wind-flowers:
But whither would you go?
Beyond the surging of the sea
And the storms that blow.

Alas! Your crown of wind-flowers
Can never make you fly:
I twist them in a crown today,
And tonight they die.

from SING-SONG: A NURSERY RHYME BOOK by Christina Rosetti

Last week I added this little poem to an "eventual" post. It seemed so appropriate today. Allow me to share.

Those beautiful jonquil photos I posted a few weeks ago...the display had become even more prolific and such a bright delight of the season ahead...almost able to touch that feeling of dancing on the spring breezes. Yesterday, my husband cut a few of those flowers, and delivered his bouquet via cell phone. Today the rest have been laid to rest, buried and frozen in the 8 inches of ice and snow that turned Memphis into a winter wonderland...a rare sight in our area. Indeed, "I twist them in a crown today and tonight they die."

Thankful to be warm and safe with my daughter-in-law and precious grandson in the Nashville area. My son-in-law was also in the area this weekend for school. He left at 3 pm yesterday. (It's 11:30 am right now.) It's a 3 hour drive to Memphis. Last we heard he was stuck at a truck diner about 30 miles from home...making himself at home cooking for the other stranded travelers. I know his girls will all be very happy to see him when he finally steps through the door of home once more...thankful now for the blessing that he is safe.

Scheduled to return to Memphis myself tomorrow, all prayers are coveted for clear roads and an uneventful trip. Perhaps there will be a few photos to share with you then.

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Rhondi said...

Hi Lynn
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's snowing here in NC right now. So far we have a couple of inches. Hope my spring flowers will be safe under the blanket of snow.