Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Wonderland in Memphis

You might know it. The biggest snow in Memphis since 1968, and I was out of town! Nashville got some of it, but nothing like Memphis. Having moved here from snow country in 1970, I was very sad to have missed seeing all of this before it went the way of Frosty the snowman when the sun did its thing.

Forgetting my camera was a big bummer -- no pictures with little Isaac. The silver lining in that is I do have a couple photos to share shot Sunday with my forgotten camera. Thanks to my hubby who was at home!

Most thankful that I did not have to drive in it. My son-in-law was also in Nashville over the weekend. (I wasn't planning to come home until Monday -- Thank You, Jesus!) His adventures making the "drive" home, having left Nashville on Saturday afternoon, were quite intense. The normal 3 hour drive became a 21 hour drama. Thankful that we are all safely home again.

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