Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will This Amazing Adoption Story Be Told?

For the last several months our son has poured much of his life and his time into telling the story of the Weimer family's generous hearts and passion for adoption as their family of five has opened their homes first to three siblings from Ethiopia and are now traveling back to Ethiopia to bring home three more precious children. All was going quite well and the plane tickets purchased for David to travel with them to film the story of their growing family, their passion for orphans and adoption, and the story of ordinary people doing the extraordinary to make the world a little bit better place.

Just after purchasing the ticket, the adoption organization which has been most helpful and encouraging about this opportunity shared with David and the family that there would be some serious hoops to jump through and permits to obtain before being allowed to film in Ethiopia. His camera would be confiscated at the gate without these permits. For more on the Weimer's story and for a few more details on the travel challenges you may visit Ethiopia's Calling blog.

Prayers for an efficient handling of the paperwork and permissions needed would be an extreme blessing to all of us!!!

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