Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis or Blocked Energy?

"Guess what? I went to see a reflexologist. I didn't have plantar fasciitis at all. I had blocked energy, and my feet are all better now."

A friend and fellow bodywork practitioner shared that one of her clients had been asking what she could do for plantar fasciitis. The clt. had taken a new job where she was on her feet on concrete floors many hours each day. Her feet hurt very badly, she believed it to be plantar fasciitis, and she was looking for a quick fix rather than a modality that would take many sessions to bring her healing.

My friend believed it would take several sessions if it were truly plantar fasciitis -- it probably would have. The above quote was from their follow-up conversation. Why is this being brought up here on Footsteps In Eden's blog?

What's interesting to note is that "plantar fasciitis" has become a real popular word ... quite a buzz about it... great collective condition for any inflammation on the sole of the feet. The plantar surface of the foot is the sole of the foot. Fasciitis is an inflammation usually of some of the structural connective tissue in the foot. So the term "plantar fasciitis" could be used for any type of inflammation on the soles of the feet.

Do we believe we have some magical cure for plantar fasciitis? Not at all. However, regular reflexology sessions do relax the body, improve circulation, and make feet feel wonderful. . . Perhaps reflexology is the perfect way for you to release some of the areas of inflammation and blocked energy in your body and your feet.

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