Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grossly Under Reported Amounts of Pharmaceuticals in Your Drinking Water

It seems crazy sometimes to purchase those packs of bottled water that actually cost us more per gallon than a gallon of gasoline! That is especially true if we fail to pay attention to the sources of that bottled water. Recent news articles have been informing us that we are often times purchasing bottled tap water with all the same impurities we can run into a glass right from our own kitchen faucet. With all those warnings in mind, many of us are carefully selecting the purified waters we are believing are from the most reliable sources. Personally, I have been choosing spring waters since those are reported to have a better track record than the supposed "purified" varieties.

Pharmaceutical contaminations, one reported impurity in drinking water supplies, have been, in part, responsible for the move toward the bottled waters. This article just released by the AP is quite lengthy. I challenge you, however, to read the entire article. The accumulations of pharmaceutical contamination of our water supplies is unprecedented, grossly under-reported and definitely blindly ignored by pharmaceutical and other manufacturers. That's simply because the laws are written (or unwritten) in such a way that there is NO reason for these company to do so.

Does anyone know of grass roots movements to work against these companies? They have so much cash and so little conscience. How does the average person like you or I even begin to protect our families? One little bottle of water at a time, or a filter for the home? That seems such small peanuts compared to the immensity of the issue.

The numbers and extent of health issues that are exacerbated by this pollution may not even be comprehended at this point. What about 7 generations from now? What about our sweet little children and grandchildren and their children? What about the wildlife?

What about all the "chemical imbalances" in the brain? What of the growing problem of infertility? What about dementia and alzheimers? I wonder how many of these challenges and more are growing with such fervor because of the contamination of our food and water supplies? Perhaps ignorance is bliss, but I'm angry that big business is the ability to impose these threats onto the people of our country (and the world) and there just seems we have so little recourse.

Thankfully, there are those that are investigating and reporting these atrocities to bring awareness of the growing concerns. Join me in praying that their voices (and ours) will be heard and that change is coming!

Above photo from StockVault.
Please note that it is a picture of a waterway only and is not necessarily a polluted one. Photo is used strictly to portray the idea of water and waterways.

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