Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reflexology for Summertime Feet

Recently stumbled across this comment in roaming around lots of great blogs out there: "Every barefoot adventure should come with a reflexologist included." I couldn't agree more!

Thankfully, the days are warming up a bit. Sandal and barefoot weather are just around the corner. You may have even taken that step already on a few of the warmer days. We've all seen the outcome of running barefoot and wearing sandals all summer. The elements we encounter do tend to do some damage -- blisters, callouses, dry rough skin, know all about that. Those callouses and rough skin may keep some areas of your feet from receiving the stimulation the various reflex points require to keep all the organs in your body functioning optimally. Those barefoot adventures coming with a reflexologist is surely a potential feel good health & wellness experience extraordinaire!

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