Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fMRI Technology Proving Reflexology's Effectiveness

A common question asked about reflexology is, "Is that like accupuncture?" Answering that question is multi-faceted.

Accupuncture uses tiny needles inserted in many places all over the body. Reflexology is totally non-invasive touch therapy on the hands, feet, and ears only. In a recent Footsteps In Eden newsletter I shared about a reflexology technique, meridian toe hold, which definitely incorporates specific accupuncture points. A similarity and a difference -- look for that same article in an upcoming blog entry.

Reflexologists see the foot (and body) in longitudinal zones, with reflex points that mirror the physical body located on the foot along, between, or overlapping these zones. The reflexology zones coincide with the accupuncture meridians. Some of the reflex points may be similarly located as the accupunctures points -- most are not. Reflexologists are, however, very aware of certain accupuncture points as areas to be avoided in some instances, such as in the case of a pregnant woman.

One significant similarity is recent functional magnetic resonance imaging studies, which show that both reflexology and accupuncture do affect the brain (and thus the body) in the ways that have been believed for centuries. In a yahoo news report today actually showed some of that imaging on screen for accupuncture. You may read more about fMRI's and reflexology here.

These scientific discoveries are opening up the world of complementary health care therapies. That offers you greater confidence to take charge of you and your family's health and wellness by looking to proven options that offer an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

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