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Ask Questions First When Seeking the Services of a Qualified Reflexologist

When a client recently described her search for a reflexologist, the not necessarily but ought-to-be obvious considerations became a bit more apparent. What questions would a prospective client wish to ask. What information would an outstanding refelxologist find important to share. What questions have my clients asked to which perhaps I could have given a clearer response.

For those serious about the excellent health benefits of reflexology, there really are some important concerns in locating a well qualified reflexologist. Here are a few for you to consider.

1. What is the practitioner's training?
You may wish to do some research and check out the programs/schools they mention, or just hearing that they have actually been to a specialized reflexology program/school may give you the "gut" feeling you need.

2. Is the practitioner certified in reflexology?
TN, where Footsteps In Eden is located, is one of a handful of states that has a separate registration for reflexologists under the Health Related Boards. In TN to be recognized as a Registered Certified Reflexologist (RCR), a reflexologist must be certified (hands on, reflexology only, specified number of hours minimum training). Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) and Cosmetologists in TN may practice reflexology but may or may not have the specialized training an RCR would have. Ask!

Other states have laws where only LMTs may practice reflexology or they may have NO restrictions whatsoever. In these cases, also, the practitioner may or may not have specialized training in reflexology. Ask questions!

One sure sign that the practitioner probably doesn't have the specialized training is when you ask if they are "a trained reflexologist" the answer is, "Well, they know how to do it." I've heard that one many times. Doesn't give me much confidence.

With specialized training, an added advantage for you would be the probability that the practitioner would more likely be familiar with protocols and areas of emphasis for your personal health challenges.

3. How long do sessions generally last.
You will most likely find 30 min - 90 min sessions depending on the individual practitioner. To complete a basic, but full reflexology protocol takes approx. 1 hour. Shorter sessions will most likely compromise some area of the protocol, but would still be beneficial. There are some situations where a shorter session would certainly be advised, in particular when working with the elderly or children and sometimes during pregnancy for comfort issues of the expectant mom. The hour session also allows the practitioner opportunity to focus in on specific areas that may benefit from additional attention. If any extra pampering and individualized touches are included, the session may last longer than 60 min.

4. What Additional Services/Amennities may be included, if any, with a reflexology session?
Aromatherapy, foot wraps, hot stones, setting, and more . . . .ask about the environment and the experience they have created for your health & well being. Having gone the extra mile in my own practice to provide an oasis experience, Footsteps In Eden offers way above and beyond a great "foot rub." It is a pleasure to treat our clients to reflexology by a highly qualified practitioner along with the extra special touches incorporated here.

5. What are fees for reflexology?
You may find some variance from this, but generally expect to pay between $40 and $100 per/hour for a single session. Fees vary by location and practitioner.

In the Memphis, TN area we certainly invite you to check out our website, then give us a call to schedule your own reflexology session. You'll find our number on the website.

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