Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reflexology Gift Package Ready for You - Gift an Experience

Our Reflexology Gift Package is awesome, and it is now complete. We are so ready to help you gift a most awesome experience of relaxation, health and wellness. You are getting a superb value too!

We've enhanced the beauty of gifting a gift certificate!!!

It begins with a large (32 oz) jar of Create Bath Salts. These salts were hand-crafted by a small and growing local Memphis company, Trinity Health Essentials. They have combined a perfect blend of salts and therapeutic grade essential oils of lemon, tangerine, orange, and sandalwood.

To that we've added just a bit of decadent chocolate sweetness from Sweetriot. A personal tin of their very special treats!

You may choose a gift certificate for a single 75 minute reflexology experience or our 3 session package. To learn more about Footsteps In Eden's reflexology services, please visit us on our website. We offer so much more than "just a session."

And as a bonus, we've beautifully gift wrapped it all. It's ready for your giving pleasure. :o)


And we have value priced the whole package:
With single reflexology session - $85 ($115 value)
With 3 reflexology sessions package - $185 ($245 value)

If you live in the Memphis area, or will be giving a gift to someone in the Memphis area, we'll take care of you splendidly. Just email us you contact info, or visit our facebook page for more contact options. We're here for you.

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