Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Migraines Helped Through Reflexology -- Study from Denmark

Please click the headline above for the complete story from Sylvia Carlson.

The results from this Danish research indicate that an astounding 81% of those in the study reported being helped by this therapy. Many even believed it was their cure.

Migraine sufferers, that's worth checking out!!!! Was I one of those unfortunate enough to suffer the debilitating pain of migraines and even if I didn't know much about reflexology, after reading this article I feel rather certain I would give reflexology a chance.

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Aparna said...

I get migraines at least once or twice in a month. After trying Pranayam (breathing exercises), I have been getting some relief. Will check your reflexology site in my free time.

Lynn said...

Aparna, thanks for checking out my blog, and for taking the time to look at my reflexoloy website.

The site with the Migraine article is really excellent for learning much about reflexology and other healing choices. I have some great intentions for incorporating articles like these into my site in the not too distant future. Perhaps my "webmaster/hubby" will have the time to work with me on that very soon.

I was really interested in the articles on your site as well. With very itchy skin one of the issues I personally deal with, I know I'll be using some of your suggestions.
By the way I've placed a link to your site on this blog.