Friday, February 1, 2008

Puffy eyebags and dark circles . . . is this your plague? Yesterday while running around the blog world my interested was piqued by suggestions for puffy eye remedies. What "magic tricks" do you think I happened upon?

1. Coffee Grounds
2. Egg Yolk Paste
3. Bag of Marbles
4. None of the Above

Yes, pretty silly, to be sure. Please don't attempt any of those things at home. I'm not sure what the outcome might be. "None of the Above" is, of course, the correct answer.

What I have learned is that slices of organic cucumber over your eyes are very refreshing. Green tea bags (wet ones to be sure) may offer some real benefits in this area. You might enjoy watching a video demonstration of these on Fran's blog. Also, I read about doing Yoga shoulder stands, working up to being able to do this about 3 minutes per day as an excellent preventative for puffy eyes.

All that said, I'd like to bring another option to your attention. This one is not home made, but is definitely certified organic and a very healthy food choice for your skin. These products are on the shelf in my reflexology space. Clients are welcome to "play" with them. The reviews on the Firming Eye and Neck Serum pictured above have been excellent. Those who have tried it, have loved it. This link will take you right to the product, where you'll find beautiful pictures and descriptions of all the product and all the wonderful, healthy ingredients from which it is produced.

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