Friday, February 1, 2008

Sweet Honey in My Mouth

Others often see us in a much different light then we see ourselves. My usual thoughts when someone compliments me as an encourager is to think that while I give it my best, I feel very inadequate to make any difference. That's certainly not truth, and not very impressive "self talk" either. (You may look for more on that topic in an earlier post.) The TRUTH is without Jesus that is exactly what our lives are: INADEQUATE!!! That was pointedly addressed in my quiet time this morning. Another TRUTH is because of JESUS, when our trust is in Him, WE ARE ADEQUATE -- PERFECTLY ADEQUATE. No accident I'm certain, that this quote appeared on my computer screen via email just minutes later. Let its message bring sweet words of encouragement for you today.

The name of Jesus is in my mind as a joyful song, in my ear a
heavenly music, and in my mouth a sweet honey.

-- Richard Rolle

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