Thursday, October 25, 2007

Battle Against the Superbugs

I am aware of more than one person that has recently struggled or continues to struggle with staph infections. These and other mysterious superbugs have become exceedingly resistant to anti-biotics. Articles like the ones below are popping up all over the country. This problem is especially prevalent with children and young people. Many have found by experience that the newly introduced and long-awaited INNER DEFENSE from Young Living™ may be a worthy weapon in the battle.

High School Football Player in Medically Induced Coma to Fight Mysterious Bacteria.

GROVE CITY, OHIO -- Football captain Justin Laborce remains in Children's Hospital, slowly but surely recovering from a mysterious illness that apparently has been stabilized, but still hasn't been diagnosed. Laborce's symptoms are consistent with that of a staph infection, but doctors have yet to confirm it as the cause of his illness.”
-- The Columbus Dispatch, September 22, 2007

Michigan Catholic School Evacuated After Students Pass Out

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI — An 860-student Catholic school was evacuated after some children became sick during a church service Wednesday, authorities said. At least two were taken to the hospital. St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School shut down classes shortly after 9 a.m. when at least three students passed out . Two of the children were taken to local hospitals. The source of the outbreak is still unknown. – Associated Press, Wednesday, Sept 26, 2007


In a world of ever-evolving mystery illnesses, mutating viruses, and Super Bugs we are continually challenged to find new and powerful ways to boost our immunity. More and more people are awakening to the exciting research using natural, organic sources to protect against and prevent mysterious and other illnesses. In keeping with this new awakening, Young Living offers a generous selection of essential oil-enhanced products, proven to kill staph, strep, e-Coli and all known viruses.

Recently, boosting our immune systems has become easier than ever. With the new super-powered soft gels of INNER DEFENSE, OMEGA BLUE, & LONGEVITY, we can ingest the highest levels of nutrients and anti-microbial essentials oils at the intestinal level to receive the optimal potency. (Find more info at above link. Click "Product Catalog" button and then use search box to locate the specific products.)

The proven effective kill-rate of Young Living’s antimicrobial essential oils against these emerging threats to our health and well-being is a great place to start! Thieves Blend is proven to kill e-Coli, strep, staph and other airborne bacteria. Therapeutic grade Melissa, Oregano and Thyme essential oils are shown to stem the tide of mutating viruses and microbes.* Apply the Oils topically or take them Internally with Inner Defense Soft Gel Caps. Inner Defense contains Thieves Blend, Oregano, Thyme and Citronella.

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