Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"A tranquil heart is life to the body, but contention is rottenness to the bones."
King Solomon, 900's B.C.

It's so easy in our instant gratification age with all of its stress syndromes and hurry sicknesses to believe these words of King Solomon must have really been penned in our 21st Century information age. This wisest ever of men, also shared his belief that, "There is nothing new under the sun." All of that 3,000 years ago. Stress then, as now, must have been at the core of much that ailed mankind.

Looking for a thought to share with my reflexology clients, led me to this verse. Then I wondered: Just what does a tranquil heart look like? How do we arrive at our own place of tranquility of body, mind & spirit? How do we escape (or at least minimize) the contentions and stresses of life that are 'rottenness to the bones'?

More questions: Where do the stressors end? How do we respond to them in a healthy way that says: I stand today in a place of tranquility in my heart in spite of the circumstances and relationships in my life that are less than I would like them to be, and declare I AM TRULY ALIVE!!!?

Answers to these questions may take us in a myriad of directions. . . . directions that may give insights for living in that place of tranquility that brings peace to your life and your home. I am on the quest to arrive at that ideal place for myself and my family. I'll be sharing my discoveries here.

Exchanging ideas is awesome. What works for you and your family? Let's share and bring this little spot on the web to life for all of us!

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