Friday, October 26, 2007

Reading with Children

Thought I would take the opportunity today to share with you about one of my favorite links: LITERACY LAUNCHPAD. What a relaxing, enjoyable, nurturing and growing opportunity it is to share books with children. Amy created Literacy Launchpad for children in daycare centers in the Nashville, TN area. She reads with the children, encouraging them to love books and reading, promoting what she believes will be a life long adventure in and love of reading. In her blog, Amy shares about the children, the books they read, the activities that bring the book selections to life, and makes many recommendations for bringing similar experiences to life with your children. She would love to meet you on her blog, and you might like to checkout her website where you can learn more about the LITERACY LAUNCHPAD EXPERIENCE in the Nashville area.

Children, parents, and Ms. Amy visited the Literacy Launchpad's October Scarecrow, Reid Tome, at Cheekwood Gardens earlier this month. It was a great adventure and they had the opportunity to meet Reid's other scarecrow friends. To learn more and see more great photos of the day visit the Literacy Launchpad blog.

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