Thursday, November 1, 2007

Coffee vs Tea

Starbucks isn't my obsession, but I do enjoy a great cup of Joe. Taking in the aroma as it brews, and cradling that warm cup in my hand while savoring that first sip . . . . and my morning is off to its grand start.

Recently, I've been considering the health benefits of some tea varieties. . . . all those anti-oxidants, and I've even seen some info on tea's aid in weight loss. My current caffeine laden jolt of choice certainly offers none of those. What's more, I think often to a very enlightening scenario in my kitchen a few years back. Allow me to share.

Those programmable coffee makers . . . . you know the ones, and there's a good chance if you drink the dark liquid you own one as well. We loved the great benefit of the aroma wafting through the house each morning as we began to awaken to the new day ahead. . . . a wonderful experience until the morning I found coffee all over the counter, the cabinets and the floor. It seems I had not placed the carafe perfectly in its little home base. The eye-opening part that morning was not the coffee but all the finish it had stripped from the cabinet doors. It made me think twice wondering exactly what the substance was doing to the inside of my body, but I certainly didn't give up my morning "fix."

Today I took a step in a new direction. While I have plenty of teas from the grocery store that I enjoy lots of other times of the day, today I ordered some of those very special loose leaf types -- white and oolongs. The whites promise to be rich in anti-oxidants, and the oolong was represented as flowery and sweet, stimulating metabolic function contributing to weight management and a well balanced diet. I'm looking forward to this new adventure in taste (and health).

But will I be able to resist that morning urge? I'll be sure to share.

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