Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thoughtful Gift Giving

Have you checked out www.adventconspiracy.org? After posting that link yesterday, I also added a couple of links to purchase gifts. Is this a contradiction? I did give that some serious consideration, and believe it is not.

I love the idea that Christmas Changes the World promoted by the website above. They spoke of relational gift giving -- mostly home made gifts and gifts of your time. Many, many years I have done exactly that. It still takes much time, some times much money, and it may still produce the stress that keeps us from making a real difference in the lives of others through this Season meant to celebrate Christ's birth.

My hopes are that your gifts for loved ones, whether home made or store bought, are given in love and chosen especially for that person. Whether a large gift or a small one, one that shows your thoughtfulness about the gift recipient's likes and dislikes, I believe will be relational at its best. The carefully chosen gift says to the recipient, "You care about me, and who I am." Simple, well-chosen gifts say so much more than mountains of purchases just because we've been sucked into the commercial frenzy.

Over the next couple of weeks, we may add a few more of these links. Our recommendations will always be in line with our beliefs in a healthy & loving lifestyle. By offering online suggestions, it is our prayer that we might also contribute to stress reduction for you and your family because you will spend more time together and less time fighting the crowds in the shopping malls. Please spend some of that time making a difference -- being a part of how Christmas Changes the World.

We'll also take some time to share with you a little about each of the businesses represented by these links, and why we've chosen to include them.

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