Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Friday, October 26, I posted a quote, mentioning how appropriate it was for life in my little part of the world recently. . . . it was amazing to see how quickly God came through in one area for our family.

As I was posting Richard Cecil's quote, "God denies a Christian nothing, but with a design to give him something better," my son and daughter-in-law had just been handed some very grim news about their chances of having a family. After praying for and attempting to begin a family for the past year and a half with no success, they chose to work with a fertility specialist. They had prayed for a clear cut answer, and they believed they were prepared for whatever news they received.

Mentally, I believe they were ready. When they arrived in Nashville four years ago (and that's another "God" story) my son, a free-lance video-editor, was working on a project for Shaohanna's Hope. Shaohanna's Hope is an organization founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Marybeth, to promote international adoptions. China is one of their particular favorites. My son fell in love with the "China Dolls" as he worked on the video. He and his wife knew that one day they would love to bring one of these precious children into their home. It appeared this was the time.

While mentally prepared to make that decision, their emotions took a beating that would be very difficult to describe. If you have walked in these shoes, you will understand the depth of that. If not, try to imagine how you might feel. Multiply that times about 100 or so -- maybe more.

God was so gracious to them. His Spirit ministered to them, and by Sunday afternoon -- just two days later -- they were so excited and so filled with joy about beginning the adoption process, and anticipating the day they would bring their child home.

Then another let down on Wednesday afternoon. While my son will be 30 in January, his wife turns 26 just a few days later. By Chinese law both partners must be 30 to even begin the application process. In the midst of their further disappointment they allowed themselves to be open to other possibilities. There are, of course, other countries to consider. El Salvador seemed to be their next choice.

As they began their El Salvador investigations on Thursday, Nov. 1, God had the most amazing surprise of all waiting for them. Five positive pregnancy tests later (and confirmation from the doctor on Friday) they have witnessed one incredible miracle!!! The miracle of life where death had been spoken. Amazingly, our daughter-in-law was pregnant as the doctor spoke such disheartening words into their life. How awesome the way God turned things around in 6 short days. As I typed "6 short days" the thought struck me that He also created the whole earth and everything in it in 6 short days -- of course, why not a positive pregnancy test (or 5) of them -- piece of cake for such an incredible, amazing God!


Our family and friends are praising God with everything we have for His "design to give them something better." If you were imagining their emotional pain earlier-- now imagine their joy indescribable! And what a witness and testament to God's faithfulness as they share their story. Praise the Lord!!!

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