Sunday, May 4, 2008

Green Cleaning for Your Home & Your Family

Dr. Mehmet C. Oz,M.D., author of You: An Owner's Manual and regular guest on Oprah has this to say about Deirdre Imus' book, green this!

Packed with practical insights and solutions to protect our families. Deirdre Imus asks the provacative question, 'Is the way we clean really good for us?' Read on to find the startling answer."

Learning of a new Young Living Distributor in my organization who found about our healthy and pure oils from this book by Deirdre Imus, it became a must read on my list! I've spent some hours over the weekend being enlightened even further on cleaning ideas and potential hazards in our homes. The ideas, suggestions, cleaning recipes, etc. are indeed most practical for every day!

With small grandchildren in my home very often, I'll be choosing growing up green! for a near future read. Both of these books have been BEST SELLERS on Amazon. growing up green! and green this! have earned their place on the New York Times Bestsellers list as well.

This book is readily available at local bookstores, and through Amazon. Both have been bestsellers on Amazon, and have earned placement on the New York Times bestsellers list. You will find a quick link to these specific books at Amazon in the column to the right.

Essential oils do play a BIG, BIG role in the suggestions Deirdre shares. She heartily recommends purchasing them from Young Living! We whole-heartedly agree.

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