Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Green Parent - Review of a Great Green Blog

Just found this quite fun and very interesting and helpful blog for those looking for greener ideas for life. "Your Kid-friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living" is the subtitle for this refreshing little spot on the great big WWW. Personally, if it isn't kid-friendly, I don't believe it is probably very adult friendly either.

In this blog you will find not only the author's green opinions on a vast array of timely and pertinent topics. The blog also includes numerous links to vital information to support the detailed reports being brought your way. Topics range from building, clean air, eco-crafts and green events to healthy eating, pets, schools, reducing waste and about 20 other topics in between. Each topic has been covered in several different posts about different aspects of that topic.

Continuously, I'm excited as I find new resources to share with you to help all of us take better care of ourselves, our lives, our family, our homes and our planet. This blog is one of those resources!!!

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