Friday, May 2, 2008

Why Does the United States Rank as Only the 37th Healthiest Nation in the World?

The World Health Organization ranks the United States at number 37 in the list of the healthiest countries. Very sad indeed for a country so advanced in so many ways. Those interested in alternative and complementary health options are already well aware of some/many of the reasons this is so. One of my fellow miessence® representatives resently shared this video. The producers of this coming movie/documentary are nutritionists who wish to share some serious truths about health issues in our country today. It is quite a lot to think about, and a small sample of a movie, I believe, you will be making plans to see!

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Janice said...

thanks for sharing this - I had no bookmarking you - just found you from a comment over on the green parent blog. I am becoming more 'green' every day, I think christians need to wake up and start taking care of what God gave us! We haven't been really good stewards of creation. :( Anywa, wanted to say 'hi' and thanks!

Lynn said...

Thanks Janice!
It's really terrific how the networking thing goes with this blogging. . . I love The Green Parent blog. She's doing a marvelous job . . . and yes, Christians waking up to one of our ultimate responsibilities since the beginning of time -- being the stewards of all of God's creation is such a wise choice. It's not always easy, but little steps -- even baby ones -- help all of us every day. Thanks for all that you are doing for your family and our world.