Monday, April 28, 2008

Valor® - A Staple in my Aromatherapy Collection

Valor®, is a proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living. Young Living offers over 100 different essential oils and essential oil blends. This specific blend reached out and caught my attention in a BIG BIG way . . . That experience, which I'll share today, not only grabbed my attention, it hooked me on the oils that I love so much. Young Living also incorporates these therapeutic grade oils into a host of personal care products, dietary supplements, and household products that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and wonderful to use.

Now for my personal story of Valor® -- A bit long, but I truly wished to share the whole traumatic experience for you to know how truly blessed I felt upon the discovery of this great essential oil.

Three years ago this past December -- it was the day after Christmas -- the Mid-South section of the county was recovering from a major ice storm & a devastating tsunami was hitting Thailand. That was the day!

Our son and daughter-in-law were returning home to Nashville from celebrating Christmas with her family in Chicago. The ice storm had struck as they were leaving Nashville and they became stranded in their car overnight on the interstate in Kentucky. It was a quite traumatic experience. They would be arriving home in time for our son to return to work the next day. Our daughter-in-law had a bit more time. The plan was to meet them at a pre-determined location and bring her back to Memphis for the week. Our son would join us for New Year's!

It was 65 and sunny in Memphis when I left driving my daughter's all-wheel drive Honda Accord. My very old and very squirrely car didn't seem to be appropriate since we weren't sure what conditions I would encounter. The trip was fairly smooth, but the entire time I drove an overwhelming heavy feeling pushed at my back. . . It was a dark, dark feeling. For me personally it felt almost sinister. Knowing my daughter would have worship CD's in the car, I fumbled around looking for them as I drove. NOTHING! Feeling compelled to continuously move forward, I never stopped to really look for them, even though I knew that playing that music would be of great benefit for keeping any invisible, but marauding characters from being very effective.

At last reaching my destination, I opened the door, stepped out, looked around, and there they were right behind the driver's seat. Of course! Where were they while I needed them.

So, now I'm waiting quite some time for son and daughter-in-law to arrive. Their projected ETA was an hour or so off. . . AND family Christmas party was that evening. We planned to be back in Memphis in time to attend.

Back on the road, this feeling swept over me once again. I never mentioned it. We just talked and shared and kept moving. I spoke with my husband as we came closer to Memphis. We discussed my intended route to the party and that we were still coming even though we would be a little late now. He suggested a different route, but never mentioned that it was because the warm temperatures and sunshine had not been effective in removing all the ice from the streets.

We exited the interstate and were headed up the highway toward the tree lined country road that would take us to the party. Hesitation would certainly be a great word here as I neared that intersection. I could see that it didn't look very friendly. Seconds before my daughter called and was saying they were ready to exchange the gifts, and what did I wish her to do about this one or that. So, I was preoccupied as well. That feeling came bearing down on my harder than ever, along with a couple of other vehicles. A hasty decision to turn instead of just going straight home was an incredible mistake!

I knew it immediately after turning. There was no where to turn around. We navigated through the first half mile or so when the car began spinning. There were lots of trees and a small lake at the bottom of a hill in the direction we were headed. I couldn't see them in the dark, but I knew they were there.

Now, I really choose to give God much glory here! The enemy may have won the battle here as we crashed broadside into some of those trees and bounced out completely turned around across a slick as glass driveway. But he didn't win, really! I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the way the car was moving that angels were all around us positioning that car in such a way that neither of us would be seriously injured. Anyone who saw the car would have never believed that, or even that our daughter-in-law was alive!

No serious i, but definitely some stained and twisted muscles plagued us. After a few days we each had some cranial sacral and trager massage. This in and of itself was an enormous blessing. Even after being detangled I was feeling the strain of those previously kinked places in my neck and shoulders for days to come.

My limited collection (at the time) of aromatherapy oils included Valor®. I had absolutely no idea what to do with it, but I remembered that Valor® had been introduced to me as "a chiropractor in a bottle."

I began to apply Valor® to my neck and shoulders and was amazed at the relaxation this brought to this part of my body and how the pain subsided. Of course, I thought, I'm just getting better. After a couple of weeks my supply was exhausted. The few days it took me to obtain some more were all it took for me to realize that this little bottle contained some very precious healing abilities for me.

Distilled from spruce, blue tansy, rosewood & frankincense -- Valor® is truly a gift of God's creation. I've not been without it again!

Young Living's catalog describes it in part like this:
"Valor® is an empowering combination of terapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the pysical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. . . "

Since then, I've learned of Valor's® use on the feet for a very relaxing experience. I often use it in my reflexology practice and on my own feet, neck, and shoulders to bring about a balanced and relaxed state of being.

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