Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reflexology from Medical Point of View

The medical community is promoting the benefits of reflexology. I'm excited to share the list below of medical centers and what they are saying about the benefits of this amazing touch therapy. Thank you to Mark Cook, reflexologist in Idaho for gathering and sharing the information below.

What is reflexology effective for?
In my practice, I've seen miracles time and time again in every kind of ailment. People withlong standing conditions and no hope have regained hope as their quality of life improved.

Since I am not a doctor, I am not qualified to diagnose and condition. Nor do I try since I seek to balance the whole body. Medical centers ARE qualified and promote reflexology as beneficial for the following conditions.

The California Pacific Medical Center says: Reflexology reduces stress, balances energy flow in the body and mind and supports the immune system. Though given on the hands and feet, this extraordinary technique affects the entire body.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center poses and answers the question: What are the indications for reflexology?
Reflexology is a form of preventive medicine that aims to maintain a person's balance and well being. Though empirical studies are lacking, many patients have benefited from reflexology. Conditions treated may include: migraine headache, hypertension, menstrual cramps or irregularities, myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia and anxiety disorders.

Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine says: The benefits (of reflexology) include reduction in tension and stress, increased vascular, neural and lymphatic circulation, and the releasing of toxins. Research has shown that blood pressure can actually decrease during a session! Clients use reflexology to alleviate or manage asthma, sinus problems, digestive disorders, inflammations, menstrual irregularities, pain, fatigue, inflammatory skin conditions and other imbalances. It is especially beneficial for circulatory problems.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering's Cancer Center says: Reflexology is an ancient practice of applying pressure to specific parts of the feet and hands. A reflexology treatment is deeply relaxing and helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, increase circulation, and enhance well-being.

Columbia University Medical Center says: reflexology releases tension, encourages relaxation, and enhances health.

The Hartford Hospital calls Reflexology "A way of stimulating the internal organs and increasing blood circulation to all areas of the body through the compression of reflex points on hands or most commonly, the feet".

At Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, CT, they say: "The hands and feet are regarded as mirrors of the body. By applying a controlled amount of pressure to specific points on the feet or hands (reflex areas), the therapist can identify and treat problems in all parts of the body.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital says: A reflexology treatment is deeply relaxing and helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, increase circulation and enhance well-being.

The Heart Center at St. Rita's offers open-heart patients reflexology as a complimentary therapy to help speed recovery and reduce discomfort. Reflexology therapy strengthens and supports the body's own healing process. The therapy, a safe non-invasive health practice, applies the principle that reflex areas in the feet and hands correspond to all parts of the body, including glands, organs and total body systems. Stimulating these reflexes can help many health problems in a natural way. The act of applying pressure to reflex areas results in the reduction of stress, which promotes positive changes in the body. It can be used to restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

St. Rita's Medical Center
conducted a three-month pilot study on open-heart patients who received reflexology, and the study confirmed a patient's level of pain and anxiety decreased significantly. It also helped patients increase the distance they were able to walk, decreased the number of days they were hospitalized and the amount of medication administered during their recovery process.

The DeKalb Medical Center says: During the session, specific reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears to encompass a complete method of promoting stress reduction, circulation, balance, vitality and normal body functioning, as well as enhancing relaxation and an overall sense of health and well-being.

Beebe Medical Center
says: May help relieve stress, improve circulation, relieve stiffness and reduce pain. Also for PMS, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and Raynaud's phenomenon

Since I am not a doctor, I don't know what many of those conditions listed above are, but if you suffer from one of those conditions listed or some condition that can be improved by reducing stress, improving circulation, relieving stiffness, promotion of balance, vitality, normal body functioning and reducing pain, then according to these medical centers, perhaps you might ask yourself if some sessions at Symbiotic Systems Reflexology may help you with your situation.

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