Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Destress With These Suggestions

”Tranquility is life to the body, and contention is rottenness to the bones.” These incredibly wise words of King Solomon (at least in part) are seen at the top of this blog every time you visit. They also ring so true.

Last week was not a tranquil one in the life of our family, and my body has felt it . . . particularily in exhaustion and what appeared to me as diminished mental capabilities at times. Anyone else been there?!? The events our family faced last week – some blissful and some quite sorrowful – were all ones we are unable to avoid.

While we welcomed a beautiful new granddaughter into our lives, bringing us much joy, demands on our time and energy were truly stretched. Last week we also lost a beloved uncle, and readmitted my mother-in-law to the hospital once again as we watch her life diminishing.

Stress is all around us. Sometimes, as in the situations above, it takes all that we have to make it through. Then our bodies let us know they are exhausted and in need of rest and recovery before we plow back into the daily routines.

When stresses arise from our daily routines and become a constant and repetitive pattern in our lives, however, how often do we begin to see our own bodies become a bit rotten? There are headaches, backaches, high blood pressure, addictions, heart disease, nightmares, digestive problems, and the list goes on . . . you know all about it. As a professional Reflexologist and an Aromatherapist I’d like to take a few lines here to offer some suggestions for bringing some added tranquility to your life.

1. Reflexology helps bring balance to all the systems of the body inducing what, for many, is an incredible state of relaxation.

2. Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils such as Lavender, Peace & Calming, Orange, and others may bring a wonderful sense of relaxation, sleepfulness, and well being.

3. Use of essential oils on the feet by warm compress, vitaflex techniques, and reflexology may also be very helpful in bringing about relaxation.

4. One of my favorite quick refreshes and lift to my spirit is a spritz on my face of miessence® Rose Monsoon Hydrating mist. It’s soft, soothing, and refreshing cool, . . . all of that coupled with with the sweet scent & health benefits from the rose petals.

5. For specific information on any of the ideas mentioned above, you may contact me through my Reflexology website, Footsteps In Eden; through my Young Living Essential Oil site, Heaven Scent Essentials; or through my ONEGroup™ organic cosmetic and skincare site, Lynn’s Organic Choices.

6. And one more, not from any professional stand point – just an observation. My daughter-in-law had been struggling with nightmares, some of which were convincingly real. Since discontinuing watching the news and movies that may be oppressive to her spirit, the nightmares have stopped.

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From the Eyes of my Heart said...

hi lynn =) thanks for the visit and leaving a comment. am sorry to hear about your uncle and i hope everything goes well with your mother-in-law. i'll be adding your link as well. God bless ya =)