Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drinking Water -- Recycling Those Bottles, or Do We Use Them at All?

By visiting Yahoo! Green's link above (the headline will get you there) you may find yourself amazed and gap jawed at some of what you read about the GIANT bottled water industry. This YOUTube video also makes a quick, but impressive point about all the empty bottles.

At our home we have begun to recycle our plastic and glass containers. Our community does not make this convenient, but we have made the decision to take the extra effort to preserve a little drop of the environment for everyone. At the end of the YOUTube video you will find websites specifically focused on the recycling issues.

There are many very safe reusable alternatives for taking your water "to go" without the expense and pollution hazard of bottled water. Many of us have filtered water coming right out of the door of our refrigerators. After reading the material at Yahoo! Green you many come to recognize this as a more reliable source of safe drinking water anyway.

As a reflexologist I am very aware of the importance for my clients to be drinking considerable water following a reflexology session. This means unless they have their own with them, I offer a bottle of water to go. Every time I do this I wonder about the real quality of the water in that bottle, and also where the bottle ends up. I'll be giving some serious consideration to an effective alternative.

What choices will you be making for the health of your planet and yourselves!?!?!? The decision affects all of us.

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