Friday, April 25, 2008

Aromatherapy for Sleep

Aromatherapy oils have shown in many cases to be highly effective when used on the feet to promote health & wellness for the entire body. This was a significant factor in my personal decision to pursue reflexology training. It was my desire to intentionally introduce more people to the therapeutic effects of the oils by using them in a reflexology setting.

The following aromatherapy tip comes directly from a Young Living distributor through the Young Living weekly newsletter. I'm passing it on to you. This is an awesome testimony to the power of Young Living essential oils.

“My husband has a hard time sleeping at night, especially when he travels away from home. He uses lavender and Valor® essential oil blend together on his feet and sleeps all night long!

(The author of this post, the Young Living distributor from which the tip comes, and the Young Living Company assume no liability for any damage caused by use of this tip.)


NoJo said...

Hmmmm. lavendar makes me all sneezy, but maynot on my feet. I wonder how Valor smells.

Lynn said...

Valor is a blend of spruce, blue tansy, rosewood, and frankincense in an almond oil base. While it most difficult to explain the aroma of these combined scents, I find it quite soothing. . . believe I'll do a post just on Valor . . . it was the specific oil that hooked me on the Young Living products!