Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dry Winter Skin? Try Almond Oil

Dry, flaky, scaly, itchy . . . winter takes its toll on skin. Even as a small child my skin has always been very dry. The winter made it worse . . . so much worse, in fact, that during Jr. High years I actually received a love letter to a mermaid describing that dry miserable skin in all its ugliness. What's worse, the teacher thought the whole thing hysterical, read it to the whole class, and then posted it on the bulletin board (with my name markered out, of course). Now that's some dry skin!!!

A few months ago it came to my attention that massaging Almond Oil into my skin before showering might just be the trick needed here. You know, (when I remember, of course), it really does make a huge difference. I'm using Hather Loraine Cosmetics 100% Pure Sweet Expeller Pressed Almond Oil. This is pure and natural chemical free skincare. The follow-up is also important: miessence Intensive Body Cream!!! This certified organic product from the miessence skincare line is a superb finishing touch! You'll find it at my ONEGroup website under Body/Oral Care. I've been amazed at how much more comfortable I am in my own skin this winter. That helps to keep the smile on my face!


purposedriven said...

Have you ever tried Arbonne products? They are really great for dry skin and I love the skin conditioning oil.

Lynn said...

Hi purposedriven!

Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm pretty new to this blogging thing, and I'm loving it when someone takes the time to leave a note.

You mentioned being on that jouney of discovering all that God has in store for me and believing that anything is possible!! That is exciting to hear. My children are grown. We have one beautiful granddaughter (her pic is on the blog on Christmas Day post) and 2 grandchildren are expected to arrive this year.

I found myself in a serious place of reinventing my life a few years back, and I am continually amazed by all that God has made possible in my life. His surprises are unbelievable!

I am familiar with the Arbonne products. I choose the ONEGroup miessence line because of their extreme green & healthy consciousness and their certified organic status. I'm not at all unhappy with the miessence Intensive Body Cream. I believe it is wonderful, and promote it personally and in my business.

As a reflexologist I had very high standards and expectations for the skin softening lotions I use with my clients. Several friends have suggested the Arbonne line, but again, I believe miessence is tremendous.

God's blessings as you continue to build your business.

Aparna said...

Hi Lynn, I don't have a dry skin, but I do massage coconut oil before a taking a bath during winter.