Saturday, January 19, 2008

Learning How Reflexology May Help You

Earlier this week I found myself on an incredible internet journey. . . DESTINATION: Articles and Info about specific ways reflexology may help you, your family and your friends. I was serious about this. You must understand, in the USA not too much research has been done to document the results reflexologists see everyday. Other countries (Denmark, UK, and China mostly) have done extensive research. Their results have encouraged them to place reflexology into the mainstream of the medical community. Tennessee, the state where I live and practice reflexology, was the first state to actually set reflexolgoy apart from other modalities and professions, and its regulation does fall under health related boards. That is certainly a positive!!!

My journey did lead to some interesting locations I would love to share with you. I believe if you will check these out you will learn so much about the value of reflexology as not only one of the most incredibly relaxing experiences you may have, but also as one that may be of great benefit for health concerns you and/or your loved ones are facing.

The first site I found was that of Margie DeHays, another reflexoogist. She's in Ohio. If that's close to your home, I'm sure she would love the referral. Another website is that of The Pacific Institue of Reflexology, a school teaching reflexology in Canada: The wealth of articles and research on this site is a goldmine for learning more about refelxology and determining of this is an experience in which you choose to participate.

This were such wonderful collections of helpful information, I believe I will be adding links to them on my professional reflexology website soon!!!

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