Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reflexology Benefits for Pregnancy

Growing my reflexology business is causing me to plant my seeds in many locations. While completing my documented case studies for certification I was privileged to share the reflexology experience with two expectant moms. They were both intrigued with the benefits they experienced and how good they felt at the conclusion of the sessions. In the last few weeks I've researched the specific area of reflexology for pregnancy (mom, dad, and baby) even further. I'm looking forward in a week or so to receiving a text book specifically written on this topic, and the opportunity to further my reflexology education in this area.

This weekend I had the privilege of sharing what I do with a midwife in our area. I'm so grateful for her encouragement. What I would certainly like to share here is the benefits -- so, you'll be informed, too. Just for the expectant mommy the list goes something like this: reflexology may bring some welcome relief for morning sickness, Backache, Digestive problems i.e. constipation, Nausea & headaches, Stress & anxiety, Swollen/puffy ankles & legs, Pain & discomfort, Lack of sleep & fatigue, Cramps, Loss of bladder control, Heartburn, and to Bring on Late Labor.* Does that sound like a list of discomforts for which you would love some relief? This information and more benefits for daddy and baby, too, will soon be on my reflexology website. I invite you to visit there today, bookmark the page, come back soon, and those of you in the Memphis, TN area, please give me a call (the phone number is on the website). I would love to share this caring touch therapy with you during this special time.

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