Thursday, July 28, 2011

Really Seeing

Being aware of our senses and their benefits to us as we explore the world around us is a really big deal. A few blog posts and many days moving into weeks ago I share a post about discovering our senses and promised to share more. My plans were temporarily derailed. Back again, intending to expand on the subject.

As I recall building imaginary walls around myself to protect myself from the many pains of my childhood, I wonder how much of the world around me I really missed seeing. Really seeing. It was so easy to stick my nose in a book and escape on someone else's adventure than it was to participate in many of my own. I remember my mother encouraging me to look at "all the beautiful scenery." An invitation I often ignored.

With all the mental details flying through my mind, it often requires intentional effort to "take it all in." I've done much better with this, but it still amazes me at how easily I can have tunnel vision, drive down the street with my mind engaged elsewhere and miss everything. I'm believing I am not alone here. Our hurry up world with its super-sized demands on our time and attention can be an incredibly large distraction for taking time to view the details and beauty of the creation and the created all around us.

How do you make time to see this happen in your life? (pun intended)

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