Thursday, February 4, 2010

Encouraging Reflexology for Prevention & Wellness

Looking for effective new ways to promote Footsteps In Eden Reflexology. Your suggestions are welcome. What would attract you to make reflexology a part of your regular wellness plan? (Click on above link to learn all about the potential benefits of reflexology, and read the testimonies of others' experiences.)

There is much wisdom in the old proverb: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We are all finding ourselves in a position of seriously considering the choices we make in spending our hard earned dollars. The health care debate rages on. Wherever you stand on that issue, there are still serious considerations about where the system will leave any of us in our time of health crisis.

Reflexology is so beneficial in bringing balance to all the systems of our body and working holistically (body, mind, and spirit) to encourage our bodies toward health and wellness. Clients who have made reflexology a priority every week or every other week, have reported their continuous state of enhanced well-being. They often tell me how much their body has reminded them of its loss, when they have had to reschedule appointments, and their have 3-4 week or longer intervals between sessions.

What is this contribution to their wellness costing them? Three session packages at Footsteps In Eden are $165. That's a mere $55 per session of reflexology and supreme pampering -- 75 minutes in all. So that comes to $105-$210 per month. I so often hear of those who are spending $500 or more per month on meds (even with insurance). Is this investment in your health today worth potentially less need for the medical intervention and expense of it in the future? I believe it is.