Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grossly Under Reported Amounts of Pharmaceuticals in Your Drinking Water

It seems crazy sometimes to purchase those packs of bottled water that actually cost us more per gallon than a gallon of gasoline! That is especially true if we fail to pay attention to the sources of that bottled water. Recent news articles have been informing us that we are often times purchasing bottled tap water with all the same impurities we can run into a glass right from our own kitchen faucet. With all those warnings in mind, many of us are carefully selecting the purified waters we are believing are from the most reliable sources. Personally, I have been choosing spring waters since those are reported to have a better track record than the supposed "purified" varieties.

Pharmaceutical contaminations, one reported impurity in drinking water supplies, have been, in part, responsible for the move toward the bottled waters. This article just released by the AP is quite lengthy. I challenge you, however, to read the entire article. The accumulations of pharmaceutical contamination of our water supplies is unprecedented, grossly under-reported and definitely blindly ignored by pharmaceutical and other manufacturers. That's simply because the laws are written (or unwritten) in such a way that there is NO reason for these company to do so.

Does anyone know of grass roots movements to work against these companies? They have so much cash and so little conscience. How does the average person like you or I even begin to protect our families? One little bottle of water at a time, or a filter for the home? That seems such small peanuts compared to the immensity of the issue.

The numbers and extent of health issues that are exacerbated by this pollution may not even be comprehended at this point. What about 7 generations from now? What about our sweet little children and grandchildren and their children? What about the wildlife?

What about all the "chemical imbalances" in the brain? What of the growing problem of infertility? What about dementia and alzheimers? I wonder how many of these challenges and more are growing with such fervor because of the contamination of our food and water supplies? Perhaps ignorance is bliss, but I'm angry that big business is the ability to impose these threats onto the people of our country (and the world) and there just seems we have so little recourse.

Thankfully, there are those that are investigating and reporting these atrocities to bring awareness of the growing concerns. Join me in praying that their voices (and ours) will be heard and that change is coming!

Above photo from StockVault.
Please note that it is a picture of a waterway only and is not necessarily a polluted one. Photo is used strictly to portray the idea of water and waterways.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reflexology for Summertime Feet

Recently stumbled across this comment in roaming around lots of great blogs out there: "Every barefoot adventure should come with a reflexologist included." I couldn't agree more!

Thankfully, the days are warming up a bit. Sandal and barefoot weather are just around the corner. You may have even taken that step already on a few of the warmer days. We've all seen the outcome of running barefoot and wearing sandals all summer. The elements we encounter do tend to do some damage -- blisters, callouses, dry rough skin, know all about that. Those callouses and rough skin may keep some areas of your feet from receiving the stimulation the various reflex points require to keep all the organs in your body functioning optimally. Those barefoot adventures coming with a reflexologist is surely a potential feel good health & wellness experience extraordinaire!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cost of the Burial Spices -- The Cost of Salvation

"Joseph from Arimathea was one of Jesus' disciples. He had kept it secret though, because he was afraid of the Jewish leaders. But now he asked Pilate to let him have Jesus' body. Pilate gave him permission, and Joseph took it down from the cross.

Nicodemus also came with about seventy-five pounds of spices made from myrrh and aloes. This was the same Nicodemus who had visited Jesus one night. The two men wrapped the body in a linen cloth, together with the spices, which was how the Jewish people buried their dead."

John 19:38-40 (Contemporary English Version)

The love, respect, and reverence these two men held for Jesus, their Lord and their Savior, was unbelievable. So must have been their wealth. Joseph provided a tomb. (If anyone has had to plan a funeral recently you know that was a large contribution.) Nicodemus also spent with abandon bringing aloes and myrrh. In their sorrow and in keeping with the customs these men offered costly and priceless worship to their King.

From the Scripture we learn that Jewish people typically wrapped their dead in linen with spices for burial. It would be most surprising if they ordinarily used aloes and myrrh, but here it is explicitly spelled out. Aloes (commonly known as sandalwood today) and myrrh are and were, even then, extrememly expensive spices. In today's market the 75 pounds of aloes and myrrh were sell for $150,000-$200,000. That's the price of a home for many today.

Jesus death was the most lavish gift He could have ever given for any of us. That the Son of God -- Perfect Man -- was willing at all to die for you and me with all of our shortcomings, faults, and YES -- SIN! is totally amazing. How lavish is your love for Him? How lavish is mine?

Tomorrow morning we celebrate His Resurrection once again! The empty tomb! Freedom from sin and Eternal Salvation for all who choose Him as Lord and Savior. Worship Him with abandon!!! Sing and dance and in total love, adoration and thanksgiving for the Risen Jesus Christ!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Startling Stress Statistics . . . Reflexology for Stress Reduction

This photo from Stock Vault photos is entitled, "Releasing the Demons." That is a STRESSFUL thought. In my humble opinion this photo is a depiction of STRESS. . . and STRESS is our topic here!

Look at these STRESS statistics compiled for a recent REFLEXOLOGY presentation.

*7 out of every 10 people who die each year had been living with a chronic illness.
*1 out of every 2 of us in now living with a chronic illness.
*For 3 of every 4 of those with a chronic illness, STRESS may be a contributing factor.
(American Medical Association)

*A full 43% of US adults suffer adverse effects from STRESS.
(American Psychological Association)

*More than 80% of physician office visits are associated with unresolved stress issues.
*Stress is a big factor in more than 75% of all illnesses diagnosed today with many studies putting this figure closer to 90%.

*Depression, only one type of stress reaction, is predicted to be the leading occupational disease of the 21st centruy, responsible for more days lost than any other single factor.
*$300 Billion, or $7,500 per employee, is spent annually in the US on stress-related compensation claims, reduced productivity, absenteeism, health insurance costs, direct medical expenses (nearly 50% higher for workers who report stress), and employee turnover.

Are those statistics startling and unsettling to you? After my mind has been blown by them, I'm equally saddened by the same.

How did our culture get to the point where so many are so stressed out? There are many reasons, to be sure, and no simple answers to reversing these disheartening trends. Fact is continuous chronic stress potentially leads to low thyroid function, adrenal fatigue, and eventually adreanal exhaustion where our "fight or flight" glands can no longer keep up with the demands placed upon them. The adrenals, created to kick in during those occasional moments of fright or unusually stressful situations, are being called into full-time active duty. They most likely will not be able to keep pace with the continuous chronic stress attacking from many directions, which many lead to many more health challenges on every level of body, mind and spirit.

While serious lifestyle changes may certainly be called for, and this writer strongly believes most all of us would be healthier for those choices, as stated above there are no simple answers. One excellent tool for controlling stress is REFLEXOLOGY. RELAXATION & STRESS REDUCTION ARE REFLEXOLOGY'S NUMBER ONE BENEFIT. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how all systems of the body may be positively affected by this therapeutic caring touch.

To learn more about REFLEXOLOGY's benefits for STRESS and MUCH MORE visit's article, "Cancel Out Stress with Reflexology."

Living in the Memphis, TN area? To schedule your own stress relieving REFLEXOLGY session, please visit our Footsteps In Eden site. In other locations a good source for locating professional reflexologists in your area is the website of Reflexology Association of America.

April Blooming Invites You to Footsteps In Eden Reflexology

Clients of Footsteps In Eden have been wowed by the April color palatte of God's incredible creation as they travel the little street to our door. We're amazed, too, every time we glance out the window or wander about our yard. It would be splendid for it to look this amazing year round, but suppose we would never appreciate it so much. Suffice it to say, Memphis shows off big time for a few weeks each Spring, and we are blessed to enjoy an extreme abundance of the glitz and glamour of it all. Reflexology appointments during this season are still available. Your relaxation will begin before you even arrive at your destination.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fMRI Technology Proving Reflexology's Effectiveness

A common question asked about reflexology is, "Is that like accupuncture?" Answering that question is multi-faceted.

Accupuncture uses tiny needles inserted in many places all over the body. Reflexology is totally non-invasive touch therapy on the hands, feet, and ears only. In a recent Footsteps In Eden newsletter I shared about a reflexology technique, meridian toe hold, which definitely incorporates specific accupuncture points. A similarity and a difference -- look for that same article in an upcoming blog entry.

Reflexologists see the foot (and body) in longitudinal zones, with reflex points that mirror the physical body located on the foot along, between, or overlapping these zones. The reflexology zones coincide with the accupuncture meridians. Some of the reflex points may be similarly located as the accupunctures points -- most are not. Reflexologists are, however, very aware of certain accupuncture points as areas to be avoided in some instances, such as in the case of a pregnant woman.

One significant similarity is recent functional magnetic resonance imaging studies, which show that both reflexology and accupuncture do affect the brain (and thus the body) in the ways that have been believed for centuries. In a yahoo news report today actually showed some of that imaging on screen for accupuncture. You may read more about fMRI's and reflexology here.

These scientific discoveries are opening up the world of complementary health care therapies. That offers you greater confidence to take charge of you and your family's health and wellness by looking to proven options that offer an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ask Questions First When Seeking the Services of a Qualified Reflexologist

When a client recently described her search for a reflexologist, the not necessarily but ought-to-be obvious considerations became a bit more apparent. What questions would a prospective client wish to ask. What information would an outstanding refelxologist find important to share. What questions have my clients asked to which perhaps I could have given a clearer response.

For those serious about the excellent health benefits of reflexology, there really are some important concerns in locating a well qualified reflexologist. Here are a few for you to consider.

1. What is the practitioner's training?
You may wish to do some research and check out the programs/schools they mention, or just hearing that they have actually been to a specialized reflexology program/school may give you the "gut" feeling you need.

2. Is the practitioner certified in reflexology?
TN, where Footsteps In Eden is located, is one of a handful of states that has a separate registration for reflexologists under the Health Related Boards. In TN to be recognized as a Registered Certified Reflexologist (RCR), a reflexologist must be certified (hands on, reflexology only, specified number of hours minimum training). Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) and Cosmetologists in TN may practice reflexology but may or may not have the specialized training an RCR would have. Ask!

Other states have laws where only LMTs may practice reflexology or they may have NO restrictions whatsoever. In these cases, also, the practitioner may or may not have specialized training in reflexology. Ask questions!

One sure sign that the practitioner probably doesn't have the specialized training is when you ask if they are "a trained reflexologist" the answer is, "Well, they know how to do it." I've heard that one many times. Doesn't give me much confidence.

With specialized training, an added advantage for you would be the probability that the practitioner would more likely be familiar with protocols and areas of emphasis for your personal health challenges.

3. How long do sessions generally last.
You will most likely find 30 min - 90 min sessions depending on the individual practitioner. To complete a basic, but full reflexology protocol takes approx. 1 hour. Shorter sessions will most likely compromise some area of the protocol, but would still be beneficial. There are some situations where a shorter session would certainly be advised, in particular when working with the elderly or children and sometimes during pregnancy for comfort issues of the expectant mom. The hour session also allows the practitioner opportunity to focus in on specific areas that may benefit from additional attention. If any extra pampering and individualized touches are included, the session may last longer than 60 min.

4. What Additional Services/Amennities may be included, if any, with a reflexology session?
Aromatherapy, foot wraps, hot stones, setting, and more . . . .ask about the environment and the experience they have created for your health & well being. Having gone the extra mile in my own practice to provide an oasis experience, Footsteps In Eden offers way above and beyond a great "foot rub." It is a pleasure to treat our clients to reflexology by a highly qualified practitioner along with the extra special touches incorporated here.

5. What are fees for reflexology?
You may find some variance from this, but generally expect to pay between $40 and $100 per/hour for a single session. Fees vary by location and practitioner.

In the Memphis, TN area we certainly invite you to check out our website, then give us a call to schedule your own reflexology session. You'll find our number on the website.

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