Friday, July 27, 2012

Be Rewarded for Regular Reflexology Treats In Memphis, TN

Footsteps In Eden Reflexology in Bartlett, TN, has made many changes to our menu of services in recent months. Beginning in May of this year your investment per session was adjusted. Your ability to create a custom reflexology treat to best serve your personal relaxation, health and wellness goals has been greatly enhanced.

Another positive change was our gift plan for our clients who highly value the benefits they receive, scheduling regular appointments on weekly to monthly basis. The illustration above says it all. Treat Yourself! When you do it regularly at Footsteps In Eden Reflexology, we have a Gift Certificate for you! Some of our clients are already half way to their first one. We so value all of our clients, and we are looking forward to giving away lots of these! Here's how it works.

     You treat yourself to four (4) 3 session packages within a 12 month period --

Four (4)  Haven in Eden packages -- each package is three 75 minute sessions for $195 --
                       receive a $40 gift certificate
Four (4) Oasis in Eden packages -- each package is three 60 minute sessions for $165 --
                       receive a $25 gift certificate

A full description of these packages may be found on our website

The fine print:
  • Only valid with the Haven in Eden and Oasis in Eden packages described above
  • The four (4) packages must be purchased and used within a 12 months* (this equals the equivalent of at least one session per month)
  • If you make the investment to be here weekly or bi-weekly and purchase your sessions by the package as described above, you will receive more gift certificates accordingly.
  • Only packages purchased for your personal use count toward the gift certificate. Packages you purchase as gift certificate(s) do not count toward the four.
  • Packages being used by different members of the same household/family may not be combined.
  • Gift Certificate will be presented at the 12th session.
  • Gift Certificate(s) may be used by you personally or gifted. 
  • Payment in full for each 3 session package is due at first session when package is purchased.

*For example: if the first package is purchased and begun on 8/1/2012. The 3rd session of the 4th package must be used by 7/31/2013.

Photo Credit: Can Stock Photo, Inc./Kbuntu