Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reflexology - Oasis of His Healing, Loving Presence

In reflexology a scenario like this happens often. Phone rings. Person calling is wondering about reflexology and what it will do for them. They may have multiple health challenges for which they are seeking relief. Many times they have been referred by another complementary health care professional who believes that reflexology may be a very helpful addition to their journey toward health and wellness. I love these calls. They open up opportunities for amazing discussions and offering care and encouragement.

What continuously amazes me after these dialouges, is that God in His wisdom and knowledge of each individual and their challenges, has entrusted them to my hands. What a huge responsibility and privilege!

I am always humbled by the opportunity before me. My compassion generally kicks in first. I may ask questions that will cause them to think about their state of health on a holistic level (body, mind & spirit). Lots of those require no verbal answer. I may just let them talk and share what's on their mind, and what they hope reflexology will do for them. I pray, however, that it leads them to feel my sensitivity to what's happening in their lives and that they are speaking with someone who cares about them specifically.

In every reflexology session my gratitude is overwhelming in that I have much more to count on than my own humanly limited resources. Working with each individual in each reflexology session is an acknowledgment over and over again of His healing power moving through my hands at the directive of His Holy Spirit living within me. The positive outcomes often seen are the proof to me of "Divine" intervention.

Setting up my little oasis for reflexology sessions, His Healing, Loving Presence is always invited to be present and active... in "this place and in and through my touch." How thankful, blessed, and humbled I am to acknowledge He is faithfully there every time!!!