Thursday, June 23, 2011

Win 2 Tix to Orla Fallon @ BPACC

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We are growing and want to build our Memphis following on Facebook. This will allow you to be quickly updated on last minute appointment openings, news from Footsteps in Eden, and announcements of upcoming events. To enlist your help, we are giving away 2 tickets to see Orla Fallon (Celtic Women) in a solo concert on Friday, September 23, 2011 at the Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center in Bartlett, Tennessee. The contest runs from June 18 through July 4.

The winner will be drawn from entries, and to enter you can do all of the following:

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Enter as often as you would like. You will need to email us with what you have done so we can credit you for each entry. You may include multiple items in your emails. Email to:

Winner will be drawn on July 4th, and announced on Facebook that day. Good luck!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cumulative Benefits of Reflexology

How often do you recommend that I schedule my reflexology appointments?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from clients. You may have asked it yourself. Rather than offer the "one size fits all" answer, here are some reasons for considering the cumulative effect of reflexology for your personal health and wellness goals.

Health challenges are often a part of life for months and even years -- often many years. When clients choose weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and make these a priority over a span of months and in some cases years, they often experience amazing results. (Some sessions may bring nearly indiscernible baby steps. Other times the client is amazed at the dramatic changes.) By allowing their whole being to enter that deep state of relaxation on a regular basis they encourage their whole body toward greater health and wellness for a lifetime.

Sometimes new clients "try" a few sessions over 6 or 8 weeks time expecting to see significant results for their long-term challenges. They become disappointed and choose to stop with reflexology. From experiences in my practice, I know that those with the most awesome stories to share are those who have chosen to continue regular sessions for months and longer, believing that positive changes are occurring within their body. Ultimately, they are most often rewarded with enhanced health and wellness.

New energy patterns are introduced into the body through reflexology. These are helping to bring all systems of the body into greater balance and strengthening the immune system. Consistent regular sessions help to maintain this enhanced state of health. I have some clients who consider regular reflexology to be their "health plan." They report such great benefits that their body knows when it has missed even one session.

Reflexologists do not diagnose or treat for disease. They do not prescribe or adjust medications. Please consult with your medical professional for your health challenges and concerns. 

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Several years ago I finally began to come to my senses -- or at least to begin to pay more attention to these five enormous assets. With an often painful home life and being  somewhat of a curiosity in my family growing up, I learned to tune out -- well -- almost everything. It was my survival mode. I've learned this great talent is not necessarily my best friend.

Our five senses -- seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching -- are so important in our discovery of life around us, and our overall well-being. A few days ago I posted a link on my Facebook page, briefly outlining using our five senses to recharge. Intrigued by this article because of my personal experiences and light bulb moments, I believed the article would touch others as well.

The article quickly skimmed the surface. In the next several blog posts I choose to be transparent with you, my readers, sharing my story of learning to experience and value the senses more deeply. By sharing, I pray your life my be enhanced as well.