Saturday, March 29, 2008

Abundance Essential Oil

Abundance™, one of my favorite essential oil blends, is said to "resonate at the frequency of attraction." Now I'm not exactly sure of the technical explanation for that one, but as its name might indicate, the use of this oil has been known to have a magnetic influence drawing blessings to the user.

There is a living energy captured when plant materials are distilled at optimal low temperatures and pressures for all the hours it takes to bring every tiny valuable constituent of the flower, leaf, bark, or root into the final product. Young Living works patiently to assure their oils are of the finest quality produced at these most exacting standards.

The aromatics of essential oils do have some incredible influences over the mind, body and spirit. It's interesting that Young Living's Abundance™ Essential Oil Blend contains to single oils, frankincense and myrrh, oils that have been highly cherished for centuries for their spiritual, emotional, and physical healing powers -- So cherished, in fact, they were rarely obtained by anyone who did have an abundance of resources to purchase them.

If you receive and read the Young Living e-news last week, you read of a distributor who placed drops of Abundance™ on every piece of business material she distributed or mailed. In just a few months time she was amazed at the abundant increase in her Young Living business.

On, there is a report of rubbing Abundance™ on the stomach of someone with a 6 pound tumor. Although the patient was receiving chemo, the doctors were absolutely amazed at how quickly the tumor shrunk to just 2 pounds in size and was operable. Frankincense and another ingredient, Clove, are known for their anti-tumoral properties. You may read the whole story HERE.

Centuries ago, the oils like those in Abundance™ were available only to those with abundant resources. You will find them very easy to obtain for you and your family today by visiting my Young Living site.

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