Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Creation Care - A Christ Follower's Responsibilty

These flowers are the picture of beauty you will find on this great new blog link I've just added to the "Healthy and Nurturing" links here on "Alive!" GREEN FOR CHRIST Blogger, Fran McCollum, is a sister in Christ who is intentionally sharing the many discoveries she is making about caring for God's creation in a responsible manner & sustaining and improving the world God has entrusted to man's dominion. Fran has not only learned about, but she has implemented as well, the ideas and lifestyle of which she writes.

You'll find many opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas. There is even a place to share how steps you've taken in becoming "green" have made a difference in your life. Everyone will learn from each other's stories, and the editor's choice for first place will receive a $20 LifeWay gift certificate.

Visit GREEN FOR CHRIST via the link above.

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