Monday, March 17, 2008

How Will You Celebrate the Green Today?


Celebrate the kind of St. Patrick's Day that would please the saint himself, and bring glory to the God he served. Some of our traditions associated with this holiday are simply fun and even a bit silly, and I believe that is OK! Others that are not so uplifting and certainly not of a nature that honor Jesus Christ and His Gospel -- the Gospel shared freely by St. Patrick don't get such a big thumbs up here. He shared it not only with those closest to him, but also with the very people that imprisoned and mistreated him for many years.

Green means growth: perhaps celebrate by growing in your own relationship with Jesus Christ today, by helping someone else grow in theirs. Better yet share the Gospel with someone who doesn't yet know . . . they will be on a brand new green sprout in the Kingdom of God. St. Patrick would be honored for the glory you bring to the Living God.

For insight into St. Patrick's life and his ministry visit Proverbs 31 Ministries Devotions. It is the devotion for the day today, March 17, 2008. If you come up on this after the date, their materials are archived on the site.

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