Sunday, March 16, 2008

Making Saving Fun

Poking around today looking for like minded individuals, I came across this blog "Fun 2 Save $$" about making saving fun.

The first post that popped up is entitled "Children and Advertising- What to Do?" That caught my attention as I remember well my children's pleas for the latest and greatest. As a graphic artist my husband's profession calls for the creation of advertising print pieces -- packaging, print advertising, billboards and the like. We were so aware of the gimmicks and tricks utilized by many companies to lure the consumer. We used many of the same tactics mentioned here to educate our children of these ploys. These are great suggestions. It was also a great learning tool for our children that whenever we were approached at the mall by market researchers, we were automatically disqualified because of my husband's work in the advertising field. They knew we knew all the tricks!

There are other posts on the blog, too, that speak of "snowflaking" and the "latte factor." Discover what these ideas may mean for your family's finances. I believe that while this seems to be a fairly new blogging endeavor it will be one worth following.

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