Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet Smelling Favor for Your Health

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A certain brand of room fresheners you plug into your wall may cause home fires. An email with this message came across my screen this morning with an origination date of Sunday, March 23, 2008. All indications were that I was in the 2nd generation of readers after the originator of this WARNING!

This sent me on a quick search of the internet. Would you believe that the same message has been circulating verbatim for four (4) years now?!?! Yep! Four big years. What did I learn? There had been a concern that a "lot" of them may cause fires, and were recalled by the manufacturer before any did. A child stuck a copper penny in one once. The penny and the electricity didn't quite mix well. The current arced the penny and a fire was started.

And then there was the information that I already know. The ingredients in these air fresheners may be rather noxious and toxic to your health as you breathe the fumes into your lungs.

Allow me to offer you what I believe to be the better choice. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young Living are the purest of oils available. Inhaling the aromas of their marvelous scents create many incredible benefits for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They may be diffused in beautiful diffusers as shown above. Only the pure oils with no other additives are being dispersed into your air (and therefore your nostrils, brain, lungs, etc.

So do your health & wellness a sweet smelling favor. Visit Diffuser World by clicking on the Photo above.

One more thing: Using the coupon code A32SAVE5 (case sensitive) will award you a 5% savings on your purchase.

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