Friday, August 26, 2011

Helping Your Baby with Reflexology

Does your baby (and therefore, you too) struggle with challenges of colic, teething pain, ear pain, sleeplessness, and more? Reflexology may be just the tool you're seeking. In the Memphis, TN area check out the workshop, "Helping Your Baby with Reflexology" to be held at the Singleton Community Center (Bartlett), October 7, 9-10 AM. The workshop is presented by Lynn Watson, certified reflexologist and owner of Footsteps In Eden Reflexology in Bartlett..

TV celebrities like Oprah and Dr. oz have created a bit of a buzz around the word reflexology. Because of them, many people have at least heard of this ancient and highly effective touch therapy, yet still wonder exactly what it is.

Every part of the body being mirrored on the hands and feet. With that in mind, this hands on workshop focuses on easy, but effective reflexology tips for your babies challenges. Infants most often love the playfulness of the techniques you'll be learning; so, parents are encouraged to bring their baby. 

To register for the workshop, call Singleton Community Center at 901-385-5593. Cost is $20 per person. One infant (only) per parent is encouraged to attend. 

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