Friday, November 4, 2011

Peace on Earth and in Your Holiday Celebrations!

Tranquility is life to the body." Proverbs 14:30

Peace on Earth. . .A major holiday theme, but often our lives are anything but peaceful during this very busy season of celebration. Running from shopping to cooking to entertaining to travel to parties to decorating and perhaps gift making as well we are often out of steam, stressed, and on edge.

The meaning of the season is almost sure to be lost. Add to that, stress is a major factor in 90% plus of all the dis-eases of our bodies. King Solomon shared the avove quote thousands of years ago. How true it is.  Is it time to take a closer look at those todo lists and calendar apps, and make the time to minimize your holiday stress and maximize your enjoyment of the holiday?

Reflexology's number 1 benefit  is stress reduction. With reduced stress, of course, healing on many levels has opportunity to take place in your body  Footsteps in Eden Reflexology has created a haven for you to spend 30-75 minutes totally relaxing, allowing a treat for all of your senses and an encouragement of your body toward greater balance and wellness.

In the Memphis area, give us a call today. 901-674-3934. Choose a short respite from your many to-dos.

Wishing you Peace on Earth... and in Your Holiday Celebrations!

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Andrea said...

Praying you have a wonderful holiday full of blessings!